What to See and Do


Exploring the natural realm and enjoying new sceneries and vista brings great relaxation, if not a sense of rejuvenation. For visitors to China, if not Asia, who have not been to Zhangjiajie, the region offers something new. During a tour of Asia, there is always so much to see and do, and so much traveling, that you often need a break for reflection. Zhangjiajie provides the ideal setting for that break. Visitors are awed by the peaks, but then calmed by the streams, the plants, the trees, and so much more.

Zhangjiajie offers a vast parkland where visitors can connect with nature in a most unusual setting. For visitors following itineraries throughout the more traditional destinations in China – such as Beijing, the Great Wall, Shanghai and Xi’an – Zhangjiajie provides an opportunity to venture beyond the man-made to experience the best of what has been given to man.

Explore this section to learn more about the many attractions and features throughout Zhangjiajie.

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